Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Jokes on you nigha! (College edition: Bug-Off Scam)

Thought you just bought a 6 month subscription to Penthouse magazine??


On an early, brisk Spring morning (After Finishing my bowl of coco puffs of course ;] ) I got a surprising knock at the door by a rather peculiar seeming individual. Not distinctive due to the fact that she was wack, But more so due to the fact that shorty had the balls to knock on my door at 7am on a Saturday morning in her fu#kin Girl Scout gear.

Now we all kno that BoiGwapo's no heart breaker so I invited the little whore in (no disrespect, but if the shoe fits.....) to hear out her sales pitch.....It was the least i cud do =/

This snake swindeled my roomate into buying a $50 "subscription" to Penthouse magazine, Made us listin to some wack ass story about trying to win a trip to Cancun, and smoked up my roomates Piffington for the freebee, ONLY to leave us with a fake ass repiept and a "Bugg Off" sticker to put on the door to ware off other fake "contestants".

Moral of the story
  • SHORTY-If ur reading this, It would be in your best interest not bring ur ass back over here.
  • SCAMS EXPOSED dont get caught!
  • We want our Porn!

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